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by Coach Kurtis

The Elements Of a Great Football Player: Unlocking The Secrets To World-Class Player Development!

If you’re not seeing any improvement… if you’re willing to change your child’s destiny but don’t know where to start… if you wish you had a personal football coach who would look over your shoulder and guide you through your child’s football development process but you don’t know what to look for… then this message is for you. Here’s why…

You can now have the same results as hundreds of other players who have trained with us, as you and your child will be guided through my system for the next few months and give you a proven roadmap to accelerate player development.

And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…

Here’s Why It’s Not Working

The solution is simple… What you are doing now isn’t giving you results!

And at this point, giving up on your child’s team may feel like the better option than sitting through another pointless line drill.

The truth is… most coaches in grassroots football are just volunteers giving up their free time so it’s unlikely you find a coach who can coach to an academy standard. 

So really all that is left to do is find someone who can fill the gaps in your child’s football development.

Here’s how…

How I Can Solve Your Football Development Problem!

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story:

a few years ago, I grew tired of seeing the same personal coaching drills over and over again i.e child following every instruction of the coach (no creative thinking) or doing things in lines, etc…

I had so many people who asked me how I did it: How did I help so many players to accelerate their football development? And if I could do the same for them in a 121 environment? So I begin to develop a method that was game-specific making it easier for individuals to transfer their skills to the game.

I had many ideas:

  • What if I create a progressive curriculum that will aid development?
  • What if I integrated parents into the process so that they can do extra training and support their child at home?
  • …would that help people to achieve their goals? I think so!

And that’s exactly why I created the Real Coaching Method.

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You!

Since Aidan has been with kurtis we have seen a huge improvement in his confidence, footwork and awareness,his coaching is fun and the techniques taught are always visible in Aidan's matchplay. We are delighted with his progress and although initially it was going to be a short term arrangement to enhance Aidan's all round abilities, we have found this training programme too beneficial not to continue on a weekly basis. We have and would recommend this to any budding footballers with a desire to learn and improve.
Leisa Parker

Check Out One of Our Sessions!

The Only Missing Ingredient Is YOU!

Stop holding yourself back and get the best training solution ever… No more guessing. This works. We’ll be with you every step of your child’s development.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • You’ll get access to my proven player development methodology.
  • You’ll get free access to our online training program to train with your child at home.
  • You’ll get 24/7 email support. Never again feel like you have to do this on your own.

See… I have spent the last few years tweaking through this so you don’t have to. You’ll love how holistic our process is.

And you are 100% safe to try us out. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just try us out to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

If for some reason you’re not delighted with your first month, then just let me know – and you’ll get all your money back.

Your Future Of Quality Football Training Starts Here!

Today is the day!

Get started and say goodbye to inadequate training sessions. Prepare yourself for no guesswork and a step-by-step training curriculum to maximize player development. Because you are not only buying 121 training but time, parent education, and a complete roadmap to accelerating player development.

Contact coach Kurtis on 07580433738 to sign up now and get your first 4 sessions for just £120 that works out at just £30 per session. And remember, you are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain!

We cover the North Birmingham area and Walsall so if you happen to live in this area get in touch today as places are limited. 

Time is ticking.

Remember Please Contact 07580433738 To Arrange Your Child Sessions!

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