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3v3 SSG: 2 Triangle Possession Game!

by Coach Kurtis

In this 3v3 SSG practice, we look to focus on encouraging the players to be aware of the space and players around them, movement off the ball, and looking for the gaps to play other players in.

You play the game with two teams of 3 and two triangle-shaped targets that players must pass the ball through in order to score points.

The area is normally 30×30 but I recommending adjusting it to suit your players.

How To Play

The players should look to work the ball in the area waiting for moments where they can send the ball to a teammate through a triangle!

After a goal is scored (a goal is only scored after a teammate has received the ball on the other side of the triangle) the players should still look to maintain possession and ‘switch the play’ to score in the other triangle.

Defenders are not allowed in the triangle so in order to stop a certain goal they must work their way around the triangle to block passes.

The players should look to be patient in possession and increase the speed of play when the game demands it (when space becomes limited or switching the play).

Key Points

  • Create Space – Look to find space to receive the ball or to take the opposition away from space for your teammates.
  • Passing – Make sure the passing is of good quality i.e. accuracy, weight, timing etc.
  • Quick support – The players should look to provide support by showing good angles, distance and communication.
  • Keep the ball – The players should be patient and look to maintain possession.
  • Look to switch the play – When it’s necessary can they switch the play effectively.


The players can also score by keeping possession for a certain number of passes e.g. 5 consecutive passes. This will encourage the other side to try and win the ball back quicker.

Make it Easier

  • Increase the area size.
  • Increase the triangle size.
  • Add a floating player to give the team in possession a numerical advantage.

Make it Harder

  • Decrease the area size.
  • Decrease the triangle size.

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