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A Game of Two Halves: Dribbling SSG!

by Coach Kurtis

In today’s practice, we look at helping our players improve their dribbling/running with the ball within this small-sided game.

You will need a 40×30 area set up that is split into two equal halves as shown in the diagram (Flat spot markers I find are best to use when splitting the area).

For the practice I am showing you we have 12 players in total (6-a-side) but work with the numbers you have, this game can be played in other formats i.e. 5v5, 4v4, etc.

A game of two halves: dribbling ssg

How To Play!

There are 6 players on each side (just adjust the game to suit your numbers) both teams have a goalkeeper.

Each team will have 3 defender’s in the defending half and 2 attackers in the other half. The coach begins the game by passing the ball to one of the defenders who then must look to dribble the ball to the other half when the opportunity presents its self to create a 3v3 situation.

To help the players take in the detail you can start with the ball in their hands.

Only the player who dribbles into the area is allowed to enter.

When they reach the other half they work with the other players to try and score.

Key Points!

  • Eyes up when on the ball.
  • Move the ball on your first touch into space (touch move).
  • Scan before you receive it.
  • When you see a gap be positive when running with the ball.

Make It Harder!

Decrease the space.

Make It Eaiser!

Increase the space.

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