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Dribbling & Running With The Ball Practice

by Coach Kurtis

In this session, we look at dribbling & running with the ball. This is a technical practice (suitable for under 10s) that focuses on the how what, where & when to dribble or run with the ball. Players will also need to make decisions on when to pass the ball certain situations.


Two teams are separated into the 4 areas (20×10 area) with the red’s trying to pass the ball to each other either in their area or into the other area that is occupied by teammates. The reds can also dribble or run with the ball across to the other area and a teammate will swap places. The other team will also look for opportunities to dribble, run with the ball and pass between the areas.

Coaching Points

Eyes up – Players should always play with their eyes up when dribbling or running with the ball. This will help them be aware of space, opposition and teammates.

Use both feet – Players should look to use both feet as much as possible. This helps the players to become more comfortable when in possession on either side, allowing them to dribble left or right.

Quick touches on the ball – Players should look to take fast touches on the ball keeping it close to their feet when dribbling across the areas.

Touch move in space – When receiving the ball the players should take a directional first touch out their feet towards space they intend to go into.

Change of speed – When the player sees a gap they should look to attack the space quickly.



Players start with the ball in their hands.


When a red /yellow player decides to run with the ball across the other team’s area they can attempt to win the ball from them. If they win the ball that team play with two footballs.

Add a defender who will defend in the 2 middle areas. If the defender wins the ball then they look to pass it to the other team.

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