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The Benefits of Personal Football Training

by Coach Kurtis

Grassroots football teams in England face a common dilemma and that is the lack of contact time with players. The most that players of local football teams can expect is one or two coaching sessions at their club each week. That is definitely not enough time for proper football coaching. I believe that personal football training with either a parent or coach can help with this. Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book, Outliers, that to be an expert at anything, no less than 10,000 hours of focused practice over a 10 year period is required. although there is lots to debate with this theory, it gives you an idea of how young players become masters of their craft.

Each week, England’s elite academy players get about 9-12 hours of coaching. I think professional clubs would like to increase the coaching hours if possible. That’s because they understand that they need to make regular contact with their players if they are to show any drastic improvements.

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