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How To Improve Movement Off The Ball (Session)!

by Coach Kurtis

In this practice, we aim to improve the player’s movement off the ball. You set up a 15×15 area and have a triangle in the middle (about 4 yards between each cone for the triangle).

You will only need 5 players (4 trying to maintain possession and 1 defender) if you don’t have 5 in a group you can adjust and play 3v1or 4v2 or just play with numbers and see what works for your players.

Improving movement off the ball!

How To Play!

The players look to maintain possession whilst also looking for moments to score points by playing the ball through the triangle to another teammate.

The defender cannot go inside the triangle and must try and win the ball back or intercept any passes that try to make their way through the triangle.

As you will notice with this practice, the players on every pass are moving to get into a better position or to make a pass.

What you normally find is, that the players will wait for the ball and not think about playing in the future (what should I do after receiving the ball, where do I go to support the play, etc), this game encourages them to consider different options or face losing possession!

Key Points!

  • Look to create space and provide quick support for your teammates!
  • Think about the speed, accuracy and timing of your pass!
  • Your 1st touch must be a good one! Think about using a moving 1st in to space to set you up for the next move!
  • Keep the ball!

How To Progress The Session!

Change to a 4v2. Normally adding a player will increase the difficulty of the session.

How To Make it Easier

  • Adjust the area and make it bigger.
  • Increase the numerical advantage.

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