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Receiving and Turning Under Pressure!

by Coach Kurtis

In this practice we look to focus on the players receiving and turning whilst under pressure from opposition!

As you can see in the diagram there are 8 players that play in a 20×20 area. The players are in two teams of four with 2 from each team placed on opposite ends of the area.

The rest of the players will play inside the area.

How To Play!

To play the game one player starts with the ball on the outside and the aim is to pass the ball via at least one of the players who are on their team to the other receiver on the opposite side of the area. The other team must try and win the ball back and do the same thing.

Key Points!

  • Go where the space is – The players should look for space off the ball and when they have it look to attack it!
  • When it’s necessary can you turn away from the opposition – When it’s needed can you turn effectively away from the defender (Turn on the safe side!).
  • Protect the ball – The players should look to screen whenever they need to using arm, legs and body to protect the ball!
  • Shoulders to the ball when receiving – When receiving can you be side on, showing your shoulder to the ball (helping you see both sides).
  • Exploit the space – After receiving or turning the player should look to attack the space quickly, making it difficult for the defender to win the ball!

Make it Easier!

Make the area bigger.

Make it harder

Decrease the area size or turn it into a 3v3 inside the square!

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