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What Everyone Ought To Know About Tackling!

by Coach Kurtis

Be honest, when coaching, when was the last time you taught and practiced tackling for the ball in a training session?

The art of winning the ball cleanly in a ‘solid’ tackle without a player ending up on his backside is mainly a vision of the past. From frontal, sides or behind, tackling for the ball has become a dangerous, badly-timed and sometimes unnecessary aspect of the game. We all want to see a competitive type of game, not one that lacks passion and spirit, but Football Laws involved with Tackling are somewhat obscure in their definition of correctness. The poor old, much-maligned Referee is placed in very difficult circumstances with issues relating to tackling. More than any other aspect of his job, deciding on correct and incorrect types of tackle generally makes or breaks a Referee’s performance in a match. A Referee must quickly assess a ‘faulty’ tackle made by a player and decide whether he has been simply careless, reckless, or dangerous when making the challenge for the ball. In all types of tackle from all directions directed towns dL{4)ootball-coajLymaden><-n oajLyLcoajLyBAn oajIBRAA-dots){heit/css" t/css"-100 kit-fo", ternateN100"Game", 00"Gema.org\/", ,.wp-blotype":inline-css" type="text/css"> #start-resizable-editor-section{dis00ckle gy:nonkle gr=g 2x,.letsplaynline-css" type="text/css"> #start-resizable-editor-section{di100ckle gy:nonkle gr=g"-typography-ckle from all diletsplaynline-css" type="text/css"> #start-resizable-editor-section{di100ckle gy:nonkle gr=g" blotype":inline-css" type="text/css"> #start-resizable-editor-section{dis00ckle gy:nonkle gr=g 2xdots){heit/css" t/css"-100 kit-f ternateN100"Game", 00"Gema.org\/", >bal-typograling-1170x6the ball. In all t "url of tah5 < hen making threv-to-kf="https://en making threv-to-ksplaythegame.//en making threv-to-ks Pkling-300x16>hrevope" to-kloads/2017/05know-about-tamg width="1170" height="658" src="/wp-contenu-it-wground-e into >Coach KurPkling-30en making thlaize:16f="https://h5making threv- PSnu-iteWetext/cOne To 3">Coach KurPkling-30en making thlaize:16f="https://h5making tngcap Pl:07Slirt=" "puP58"know-about-tacklissess a ‘faowl-caass=el ‘faowl-caass=elder-sty ‘fauk\/c= -caass=elt/upload, ="trunt/upload bear-glsnt/uploaircu="3t/uploadesktbear3t/uploa{fillati2t/uploa{fismhreti2t/uploateZ(ar-glsnt/uploaspeepg 300"Guploadots="trunt/uploanavar-glsnt "@type": "erlauk\/c= cachedddddddddddddddddd in very uk\/c= - "@co ‘fa:1.4em}.elem"